How To Go Live On GabTV

GabTV is Gab’s live streaming audio and video service. GabPro subscribers can use third-party apps like OBS Broadcaster, Larix, and others to go live on GabTV in front of the Gab community. Streamers can choose to broadcast both a live or a prerecorded video/audio stream.

  1. The first thing you’ll need to go live is a subscription to GabPro, Gab’s optional premium subscription service that helps keep the community ad-free and privacy friendly.
  2. Next you’ll need a third-party live streaming application.

3. Navigate to the “TV” tab on Gab and click “Create Broadcast” in the right-hand corner.

4. Give your broadcast a short title and description and click “create.”

5. Once created, you’ll want to take note of your unique Stream Key and broadcast URL.


This is your broadcast URL. This will not change.


The digits at the end are your Stream Key. This is unique for each stream you create.

6. Decide if you want to stream from your desktop or mobile device. On desktop use OBS, on mobile use Larix.

6a. Setting up OBS

b. Open OBS and click the “+” sign under “Sources.”

c. Add the streaming sources for your stream.

Display Capture- will stream your desktop screen.

Video Capture Device- will stream video from your webcam.

d. Click “Settings” and then “Stream” in the OBS settings menu.

e. Input the Gab URL that you generated on Gab.

Important: do NOT include the Stream key in the “URL” section. 
Important: make sure there is a “/” at the end of the “URL” section as picture above.

f. Input the unique Stream Key from the end of your generated Gab stream URL and click “ok.”

Important: do NOT include the full URL link, only your unique stream key.

g. Click “Start Streaming” in the bottom right hand corner and you’ll be live on GabTV!

Important: once you start streaming you’ll only be able to go live once with each unique stream key. If you stop the stream it will automatically be converted to a replay. If you want to go live again, you’ll need to generate another unique Stream Key on Gab and replace the old Stream Key with the new one in OBS.

h. Open Gab and go to the “TV” tab to view your own stream and communicate with people who are watching your stream. Be sure to mute your own audio so you don’t get feedback while watching!

i. When your stream is over it will be converted to a replay and can be viewed on the “TV” page as well as your own profile.

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