The Free Speech Tech Revolution Has Begun

People are starting to wake up to the madness in Silicon Valley.

James Damore’s now infamous Google Manifesto will be remembered as the “shot heard round the tech world.” Conservatives, Republicans, Christians, Populists, Nationalists, Libertarians, Centrists, Classical Liberals, and anyone else who is being silenced and forced to self-censor their beliefs and principles are fed up and tired of being silent.

We are coming for you, Silicon Valley.

We aren’t going to play by your rules anymore. We will continue to expose your darkness for all of the world to see. We refuse to be shunned and shamed for our core values and beliefs. We reject your SJW cultural marxist lunacy and will fight to defend the freedoms that you are putting in jeopardy for sake of faux diversity, control, and political correctness.

This is a marathon, not a sprint. There are brave patriots inside of every level of every organization in Silicon Valley. They are organizing. Waiting. Gathering intel. Planning. Calculating. Building.

James Damore was not the first to stand up. He will not be the last. The difference now is: he has an army of support behind him. Our numbers are growing and there is nothing you can do to stop it. People are waking up to the censorship, double standards, greed, and oligarchy that exists in Silicon Valley.

We are not going to allow things like this to continue to happen:

Google bans 200 unnamed publishers since it passed a new policy against “fake news.”

In just a few days since the Google Manifesto leaked Gab has raised over $50,000 in our equity crowdfunding campaign. As of this writing, in the last 30 days alone we have raised $454,000. Not from venture capitalists. Not from special interests. From The People.

Gab stands for bringing folks together of all races, religions, and creeds who share in the common ideals of Western values, individual liberty, and the free exchange and flow of information. The rise of nationalism, populism, and patriotism around the world is in response to the failed policies of the globalist agenda. The working class of the modern world has been left behind in exchange for profits of the corporate oligarchy. The People have been left to squander in the false promises of multi-cultural clashes of values, core beliefs, and rule of law.

This is a time when patriots around the globe are rising to defend the liberty, freedom, and values that they cherish. We may not have the billions of dollars and thousands of employees to create the platform we want today, but together we can all start working on the long term for the future. The most important thing we at Gab can do is develop the tools and technology to give people the power to build a free and sovereign community committed to liberty and truth.

The free speech tech revolution has begun. Won’t you join us?

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