The Social Justice Sham of Silicon Valley

For decades now social justice and what many would claim to be “egalitarianism” have undergone a monstrous transformation in our culture, educational systems, political systems, news media, and most importantly: our technology.

Western society has been brainwashed into believing that each and every new law and “cultural norm” that slowly stripped our liberties away was for “the greater good.” This hypnosis began at a young age. It seeped into every facet of our lives and became the Big Lie. It cultivated a generation of zombie-like “social justice warriors” convinced that they were somehow advancing the progress of humanity by spending their every waking moment attacking a faceless and nonexistent enemy. This “war” of theirs is grounded in the name of illy-perceived and heavily distorted understandings of “justice” and “equality.”

With the rise of the internet and technology this flawed SJW mindset spread like a disease and gave newfound courage to millions of useful idiots eager to become pseudo change-makers by sending a few targeted, outraged, and morally superior tweets.

This new generation of keyboard warriors soon rose to power in every facet of corporate culture, but none more so than in the technology industry. Having lived in Silicon Valley and having experienced the inner workings of the deepest inner circles of egomaniacal hell; I can say with confidence that these morally superior “titans of progress” are successfully influencing and brainwashing another generation of digital sycophants.

In total there are no more than a handful of companies in one of the most progressively biased cities in America owning, controlling, and influencing what billions of people see, talk about, and communicate with. Their oligarchy and sheer power over communication, information, news, and personal data is unlike anything in history. Their agenda could not be more unified or clear.

If you are straight, white, Christian, Republican, anti-PC, libertarian, conservative; to Silicon Valley: you are the enemy. If you do not align with the Progressive agenda in any way: you must be a racist bigot and a hinder to human progress. This type of absurdism at every level of technological corporate culture has had a dramatic effect on our lives and ultimately led to vast online censorship in many different forms.

There are countless examples of censorship and suppression happening at a very large scale. Take Facebook’s suppression of conservative news in their Trending Topics product, the omission of popular conservative Trending Hashtags on Twitter, the manipulation of search results by Google or Reddit’s censorship of The_Donald subreddit as just a few examples.

Thankfully, it is not too late to fight back. The People have awoken from their slumber and are rising up to fight the political bias of Silicon Valley companies and the mainstream media elite. For the first time, we are witnessing a global harmonious fusion of labor and technology where the desire to spread the truth is emphasized greatly on a deeply philosophical and intellectual level. Tens of thousands of everyday patriots are taking a stand and giving their precious time in this great human experiment. Going up against all odds from establishment institutions, they are prevailing in making their voices heard.

Unfiltered and uncensored content is critical in the delivery of news, information and facts at a very large scale; especially in the digital age where attention spans are attenuated. In the hoaxing headline war, memes brought imagery, humor, and knowledge to the masses in an amusing and witty way. The true essence of memes lies in their uncanny and mysterious nature where nuggets of information are hidden in caricature-like versions of reality; often accentuating popular trends, the zeitgeist of the day and the ongoing social phenomena of society at large.

The information war has only just begun. Technology must be decentralized from the hands of social justice warriors in Silicon Valley who will continue their censorship crusade against The People and Truth. New platforms are rising. The Silicon Valley bubble is bursting, but the SJW’s will not go down without a fight.

The future of our culture, our technology, and indeed the Western world depends on our ability to win the information war and show the world just who these social justice warriors are: vein, morally superior, projecting, hateful, bitter, lonely, liars who seek to bring everyone around them down to their level. They cannot and must not prevail.