Watch Your Back

Body language is so important when it comes to social situations. According to some studies how you carry yourself is about 55% of communication. Nearly 35% is your vocal tone, which I’ll get to later. Now I don’t know how many of you are math geniuses, but that means the what you say is only 10% of what people pickup when talking.

The beauty of body language is that if your body language displays confidence, you start to feel confident. Your emotions and your expressions are so deeply connected that if one feels a certain way the other will too. Let me simplify that. If you are always hunched over and are trying to make yourself smaller, hiding from others, then in your mind you will feel less confident and more withdrawn, making it much harder to have the attraction that confident people have. And vice versa. I want you to think back to a time when you just kicked ass at something. A test, a sports game, or maybe you got the best kill streak you’ve ever had. I bet your posture just dripped confidence. Back straight, chest out, and chin up. That, my friends, is what confidence looks like.

Now, you can’t always think about your body language. You’ve just got too much stuff going on. So I am going to teach you how to train yourself to always have good posture. What you need to do is develop a system for checking yourself. For example, when I started focusing on my body language I had a habit, especially when nervous, of touching my watch, Not checking it, just touching it. Since I knew of this habit, I had been sorta trying to stop, I decided to use it for me instead of fighting against it. Every time I touched my watch I checked my body language. I made sure my back was straight, head was up, and my chest was out. Act as if you are Superman after he saves a school bus full of children. As if you are a kick ass person who knows who he is and is sure of himself. If you don’t feel like that now that’s completely fine, because you are going to fake it until you make. As I stated earlier if you force yourself to have a certain body language then you will have that certain corresponding emotion.

If you start doing this you will notice changes not only in yourself but in the way people look at you. It was weird that once I started working on my posture people noticed me, because my body language said I was a person you should be noticed. Not in an arrogant way but in a way that said he knows who he is and what’s going on. So I challenge you to start the change and focus on your body language. You don’t have to mean it at first but if you stick with it eventually you will.

Go out there and Get Outta Your Shell.