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Paramjeet Singh
Jul 22, 2014 · 3 min read

Fossil is one of the top brands in the watch industry known for offering high quality, stylish pieces. They were founded in 1984, and since then have grown to having a very strong retail presence globally with over 400 retail locations and 4,000 wholesale locations. All the pieces come from a strong American vintage influence. They have designed items for many other brands including Relic, Burberry, Armani, Marc Jacobs, DKNY and many more. These names are well known for their high quality, fashionable merchandise and have many timeless, classic pieces available. One can also find their merchandise in higher quality retail stores such as Macy’s.

Fossil offers many more items besides watches, even though watches are their best sellers. Their accessories cover the areas of bags, purses, wallets, Jewelry and other gifts. Because of their wide range of innovative styling and great quality, most people can find an item that suits them and their needs. All of their watches are low-maintenance, furthering the customer’s satisfaction. The only thing that would ever need to be replaced is the battery. Also, these batteries have a longer lifespan than Timex, making the slightly higher price explainable because of the higher quality parts used.

Fossil is manufacturer and producer of designer American products and goods. The company embodies the American spirit as well as the American Dream. It was founded in 1984 and had its IPO in 1993. It is nationally recognized company and brand that produces nothing but exceptionally high quality items for the designer market.

Many of their watches contain Jewelry-like looks featuring crystal compliments and elegant design. Most watches sold by Fossil are easily adjustable. They come with extra clasps that can be added on or removed by the customer for a perfect and unique fit. Fossil is a high end brand that tend to be quite expensive. However, with Fossil coupon codes you can bring down the price significantly. Thus saving you tons of money. Which, is always a good thing and can allow you to either save your dollars or buy more awesome items from the brand.

On their website, there is also an option to leave customer reviews and feedback which is extremely helpful when shopping. If a customer has not made up their mind on which product to buy, the easily accessible reviews will be readily available, instead of having to search the internet for reviews on other sites for the products listed. While one might be able to get this merchandise on sale in a department store, the way to get these cheapest is by using Fossil coupons online.

Fossil coupons and promo codes online directly is the way to go because it cuts out the middleman. Department stores in general mark up their items so they can make a profit and be able to cover all their costs. Anyone who visits their online store will also be able to sign up to the email newsletter which offers discounts, sale information, and other benefits to the everyday shopper.

    Paramjeet Singh
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