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Popcorn Time!
Mar 11, 2014 · 3 min read

We started Popcorn Time as a challenge to ourselves. A group of geeks from Buenos Aires who wanted to see if they could create a better way to watch movies, and also give some new technologies a try. We scratched our own itch. We built a Beta and published it on Github to share it with the world and see if other people thought it was an interesting project.

We envisioned a better and simpler way to experience movies in a digital environment.

We didn’t expect the reaction we got at all. In less than a week Popcorn Time became one of the most watched repositories in GitHub (the largest open source community in the world), and quickly started building new releases. We did nothing more than throw a few links here & there and people voiced, in unison, that this was a product they’ve been wanting for a long time.

Then the media appeared.

We have to say we’re enormously proud of the reach Popcorn Time had, and how the enormous amount of feedback we received(and bug reports -we’re in beta, after all-), specially in countries where you can’t really find movies with ease. There are very few users in the US, for instance, since you can find amazing streaming services there, which makes downloading copyrighted material not worth the effort.

We believe we’ve demonstrated there’s a huge need for great streaming services, and the app ended up filling a niche other people refused to fill for a very long time.

We do get asked about the legality issue quite a lot. First of all, we check that our users understand there might be some legal issues in using the application, as they are downloading torrents, after all.

It’s in our best interest to also help facilitate the streaming of public domain content and other types of films and shows that doesn’t violate intellectual property right. We’d like to leave the ultimate content choice to you.

Popcorn Time doesn’t host any copyrighted content, the app is based in a decentralised model, working with services that already exist and are used daily by millions of people worldwide. We aren’t making any money or accepting donations with the project at the time, as we keep to our original intentions of just focusing Popcorn Time on a technology experiment to bring a simpler way to experience movies in a digital environment.

Anyone with some programming experience can modify and build Popcorn Time. We just put a beautiful UX and a great mascot and the community did the rest.

We would like thank the 50 contributors all around the world that help make this one of the best apps out there for streaming movies.


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