I see your point, but I believe you need to cut Griffin some slack.
Ronnie Heaven

Well, I think there’s a significant difference in women checking out men because of the power differentials embedded in those relationships. Ultimately men aren’t sexualized and objectified in the same violent ways that women are, because of the ways in which patriarchy and hegemonic masculinity inform how we are socialized. I also think that saying something like, ‘my libido increased and I became a lot more attracted to women than I had been’ is very different from the ways Griffin talks about women and women’s bodies. I don’t think he deserves any slack. I have lots of friends who started T in the early 2000s and were given way more T than they should have been, and none of them acted this way. Sure, they’ve all told stories about getting super horny, but they didn’t all of a sudden start objectifying women and sympathizing with men and boys who sexually harass women. Biology doesn’t make people misogynist, as other trans and cis men have pointed out in their comments to this piece.

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