Just Don’t! It Drives Me Nuts — Series #8

  1. Too Stubborn

“You were staring on that blank screen for half an hour. Need help?”

“Oh, that page is always loading. Maybe a moment later……”

Can’t you just restart the program instead of waiting? It seems you are too stubborn!

2.Please Be Kind

“Is this final edition a bit like my first draft?”

“well, I just cut something off that long draft by the way.”

Why don’t you pack things up and close the door by the way! That draft has already been revised by bosses!

3.Mission Before Off-duty

“This is the copy received in the morning. Please send me feedback by tomorrow.”

I know it didn’t come up when you were shopping online……but it’s TWO MINUTES before off-duty!

4.The Mind Reader

“Hey, how’s your design going?”

“Design……for what? No one has sent me a demand.”

“I’m writing now. Could you complete ASAP? It should be prepared for this iteration.”

Checking progress without a demand?! Sorry, I can read your mind!

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