Dark Chocolate For Weight Loss — Myth Or Reality?

Are you tired of eating greens all day long in your weight loss journey? Do you still have little cravings for chocolates, but you are just avoiding them? Well, if yes, then you don’t have to, as long as you choose the right one.

But, dark chocolate for weight loss? How’s it even possible? This statement can be the ultimate reaction of many fitness freaks, even so, trust me, chocolates can help you in many ways, let’s see how!

Dark Chocolate Nutrition Value

Before getting into how chocolate can help you lose weight, we want to make sure that you know its nutritional content. According to USDA, a bar of dark chocolate (100–110g) contains 70% — 85% cocoa. The calories in the bar are around 605 cal, and 11 grams of dietary fiber. Also, dark chocolates are power-packed with Iron, Magnesium, Zinc, Proteins, and Carbohydrates. Thus, now let’s see how these components can help you lose weight in your weight loss journey:

Curbs Cravings For Sweet/Fatty Foods:

The only way many individuals end up gaining weight is by being at the mercy of cravings. But just an ounce of black chocolate can eliminate sweet, salty, and fast food cravings instantly.

Hence, try eating dark chocolate 20 minutes before a meal, and 10 minutes after the meal. In this way, chocolate will cut your appetite by up to 30% and would help you maintain weight. Also, it’s found that many dieters who included dark chocolate in their weight loss journey don’t feel deprived the whole day, and thus it gets easier for them to stick to diet plans.

Reduces Inflammation:

Dark chocolate, in particular, cocoa is rich in flavanols which are known to contain anti-inflammatory properties. Usually, chronic inflammation in the body increases insulin resistance, which results makes a person feel hungry all day long. But if consumed dark chocolate in moderation, one can get rid of the feeling of hunger (overeating). This is because the chocolate will repair and prevent the cellular damage caused by chronic inflammations.

Decreases Body Fats:

As mentioned previously, cocoa is high in flavanols — healthy plant-based compounds. And no other food on earth has such a unique blend of flavanols the way cocoa has. Flavonols come with benefits, and the major of all is, it decreases body weight and lowers blood sugar rate.

Controls Appetite:

Munching on sugary foods all day long makes a person’s body resistant to insulin. This process, as result, triggers ghrelin production — the hormone responsible for increased appetite. And people who get insulin resistant always feel hungry.

But since dark chocolates have a good amount of fibers and other nutritional values, one rarely gets the feeling of being hungry. Also, since there is decreased amount of ghrelin translates, dark chocolates keep a person’s appetite and insulin in check

Improves Metabolism:

Eating just an ounce of dark chocolate would not only boost your metabolism but also improve your gut flora. This, as a result, improves a person’s digestion process. Also, an improved metabolism rate stimulates the body to burn calories at a faster pace, so you don’t have to worry about fats!

Contains Good Fat:

Not all fat is bad for the human body, and saturated fats are among the good fats present in dark chocolates. Good fats play a major role in the process of weight loss since they keep you fuller all day long. Also, it’s found that monounsaturated fats have a positive effect on the feeling of satisfaction and improves the overall digestive health.

Reduces Stress:

It is known that individuals suffering from stress often crave comfort foods or high-fat sugary food. Also, when under stress, the body releases cortisol hormones which increase appetite and encourages a person to eat more. Whereas, when a person consumes chocolate the body releases happy hormones, serotonin, and endorphin which boosts mood. And as a result, the person not just feels happier, but even loses weight during the journey.

I recently came across an amazing Dark Chocolate by BeeTee’s Melt. The best part about this chocolate is that they do not contain refined sugar. Instead, it contains Palm sugar, which not only adds a delicious flavor but is extremely healthy. Other than that, there are some more mouth-watering flavors of chocolates that are the healthy replacement for sugary milk chocolates. Check out the collection of chocolates by BeeTee’s Melt.

Wrapping Up on Dark Chocolate For Weight Loss

Dark chocolate for weight loss can be something new to a few fitness freaks, but when combined with a healthy diet and exercise, this chocolate can do wonders. However, before indulging in this sweet drip, make sure not to overindulge. The trick here is to eat in moderation, that is just an ounce a day, and you are all set to see promising results.

Weight Loss will happen, and dark chocolate truly helps!

Dark chocolate for weight loss

Dark chocolate for weight loss




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