We believe building a great business relationship requires sitting down and getting to know who you are working with. We would like to share a bit about ourselves with you and get to know more about you as we grow. To kick off our new Meet the Team series, we invite you to sit back and read some insights from our CEO, Tom Amos.

A note from Tom:

The future of work has reached a turning point and businesses need to adapt to flourish. If you notice what’s been happening over the past two years, more and more of the workforce are quitting their corporate jobs to become freelancers. Studies show that by 2020, 40% of the workforce will be made of contract-only, project based employees. With the increase of millennials coming into the workforce, that number will continue to rise. The future of work challenges the convention of how organisations have been run and I aim to enable this change through Sidekicker.

After a great start to my career as an accountant at Deloitte for 3 1/2 years, I felt I had accumulated enough knowledge on the fundamentals of running a business to start my own. Along with my co-founder Jacqui Bull, we started Sidekicker in Melbourne 18 months ago. At Sidekicker, we want to enable the community to work on what they’re passionate about and give them a new way to earn income and live a good life while building a career portfolio.

The Sidekicker platform allows small and medium enterprises to hire skilled workers on demand. We know that organisations with the best talent will succeed in the long run and we want to support freelancers and entrepreneurs by providing the infrastructure they need. With the backing from our supportive group of investors, we raised our first round in January 2014 which led us to new hires and expansion to other cities in Australia. One of our investors, Pete Williams, who I met at Deloitte has been instrumental in shaking things up for us. We also brought on two advisors, Simon Terry and Ross Hill to guide us on building a sustainable business.

We are currently implementing Sidekicker 3.0 and over the next few months you will get to experience a new way to hire or become a Sidekick. We will play a major role in shaping the future of work in Australia and I invite you to join the future with us.

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