Are you ready for Siempo’s Mindful 2017 Challenge?

We hope you enjoyed a calm and relaxing holiday! As we gear up for our crowdfunding launch, we have been reflecting with friends and family on the past year and what we feel is in store in 2017.

While it shouldn’t take an arbitrary transition in the calendar to force introspective dialogue, we feel it’s an appropriate opportunity for us to share some of the activities we’ve been experimenting with, in our continuous efforts to connect with better versions of ourselves. We welcome you to join us in taking a small step towards adopting more positive habits into our daily lives.

If you have been wondering how to find greater balance in your digital life, be less distracted during the workday, or really get the hang of this presence thing, then here’s the plan:

  • We will send you 3 emails related to the Mindful 2017 Challenge over the course of January
  • Each challenge is completely optional and is meant to be fun and easy
  • One randomly selected participant will win a free Siempo phone! We’ll announce the winner at the end of our crowdfunding campaign and they will receive their phone with our early-bird backers.

Let’s do it? Click here to sign up! Your first challenge awaits.

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