Welcome to Siempo for desktop


We’ve built a browser extension called Shift that brings the best of Siempo’s digital wellness features to your desktop browser (Chrome, Firefox).

And like Siempo for Android, it’s 100% free and open-source, built in partnership with people like you, and has zero ads.

Avoid distracting websites that steal away your time

A gentle visual nudge

Fight unconscious refreshing with friction

A slider helps discourage you from using distracting websites

Gentle reminders help you focus on what matters

With an optional sound reminder!

A new tab page that brings a dose of calm and intentionality

A break from the visual assault of the internet

Set your intention as a way to add calm and motivation to your day.

What you need, when you need it

Hiding the unessential

Shift automatically hides the distracting and unnecessary parts of popular websites. Spot something that you think should be hidden? Let us know.

Easy customization

Add your own sites easily

Shift by Siempo is made possible through the vision and determination of Louis Barclay who built Nudge over the last couple of years and has released its code under GPLv2 open source license so it may proliferate to more users.

So, give it a try today (Chrome, Firefox), and let us know what you think; or help us build it!


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The first smartphone designed to support wellbeing 💖 www.getsiempo.com | www.patreon.com/siempo

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