Putting SignEasy for Android on a diet

(This is an excerpt from the blog post which was originally published on SignEasy blog. Read the complete piece here.)

Over the past few months, the SignEasy app for Android has gone through multiple iterations of improvements. We’ve taken big strides in trying to improve the experience for our users, and after almost a year of effort, we’ve had the app go from looking like this in June 2015 to this in June 2016.

The revamped app is built around the principles of Material Design (an interesting story on its own), feels faster and has an improved signing experience. But like all good things this too came at a cost, with the app bulking up and touching almost 35 MB. Unacceptable! We could feel the pain of our users and decided it’s time to put the app on a much-needed diet. To know about some of the techniques we used, head to the blog.

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