Do’s and Don’ts at the Nail Salon

There are certain things to refrain from doing while getting your weekly mani/pedi. We many not always be aware of our habits and how they might be impacting people around us. To ease some of that uncertainty, here is a compiled list of what to do, and what not to do at the salon, weighed in on by nail artists and salon-goers alike.

What NOT to do…

  1. Talk On The Phone-

Not only is it annoying for the nail technician if you’re distracted by trying to hold your phone instead of getting your manicure, it takes away from the zen atmosphere that everyone wants at a nail salon! The small amount of time we carve out of the week to hit the salon and treat ourselves is precious and shouldn’t be disrupted by a loud phone conversation. Instead, use this time to unplug, leave the office behind, and focus on relaxation and mindfulness. If something is really pressing, take a step outside to chat, the salon will thank you!

2. Leave Before Your Nails Are Dry-

We’re all guilty of being in a rush to leave the salon and accidentally smudging a nail on the way out. Like I said before, breathe in, breathe out. This is a time to take it easy, find some tranquility, and unwind. Waiting an extra 5 minutes under the dryer won’t kill you, and asking for a fix on a ruined nail is not only embarrassing but it takes up more time and is disruptive to other clients!

3. Trim Your Nails Before Your Appointment-

According to most nail specialists, most clients trim their nails too short to be properly filed. Leave this to the experts and advise them how much you’d like trimmed or filed! They are able to give you that perfect shape quickly and easily.


  1. Less Than Perfect Feet-

Nail Techs everywhere will tell you- they’ve seen it all. So don’t worry about your stubby pinky toe or prickly legs, with the amount of people that are seen every day, your nail tech is unlikely to even notice.

2. Falling Asleep-

Many salon workers even consider this to be a compliment. During a foot or should massage, sometimes it’s hard to fight off the Z’s. But no worries, they’ll just gently wake you up and you can continue with your appointment.

3. Being Specific-

Politely letting your nail specialist know exactly what you want helps both parties when it comes to being satisfied with the end result. When it comes to the nail length, shape, and style or if you see something that isn’t up to your standards, just let the nail tech know! Fixing whatever problem you see before the service is over is helpful and time-saving for the manicurist and yourself.