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Consciousness enables us to feel the depth of unconditional love. Indigenous societies live within these structures, and they know they are part of a higher organism — the universe, the cosmic consciousness and collective consciousness. It is continuously communicating to the spark of consciousness deep inside each of us.

We are all experiencing evolution all the time — we all want to be happy and content. The pursuance of happiness, a state of being we have all experienced known as the experience of unification. With this experience, we are not separate from the universe, where we an integral component of it.

Shamanism refers to this as the experience inside the mother’s womb, with the child supported in amniotic fluid and is nourished in a deep bliss and restfulness — the zero-point a place of no time.

The modern world keeps us in adrenal fight or flight and prevents us from healing and evolving. When we do move beyond this, we can rest and regenerate.

For Indigenous societies, relaxation is not random. It is a discipline enabling them to experience deeper levels and connects them to that state of contentment. Its something we are sincerely longing to experience.

Each of us knows about the potential of the body, allowing us to experience this profound feeling of bliss, harmony and wellbeing. Instead, we substitute it with workouts, spa treatments, food, drugs and materialism and yet it never quite satisfies our desires.

Indigenous groups know that we are each on a journey — the journey to return to the source, yet in a fully conscious and aware manner.

We came from the womb as a consciousness spark and through our incapacity to discern which manifest as inhibitions, conditioning and traumas which become our separation from the original state of unity.

Instead, we look down on and judge innocence and vulnerability in a very negative way. When in fact, these in fact qualities are essential to life — they can be our greatest and strengths which relate to the openness of the power of the universe.

We see them as naive, and we think people will take advantage of us and manipulate us, and so then that starts lock-in. Then we cannot express that to others. We have to protect it, and it becomes our prison where we can no longer experience unity, and we become closed, separated and put a mask on to deal with the world; eventually, we forget its a front, and we then identify with this mask and believe it is our whole identity.

Meditation is a way to access unity and remember the original zero-point meaning of life and experience authentic, lasting happiness instead of jumping from one instant gratification to the next and missing the source of fulfilment and oneness. We become distracted by sensationalism yet lack profound contentment and purpose.

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