Chatbot Acquisition is going Frenzy

This time amazon joined the party and acquired Navid Hadzaad (CEO) and co-founder as head for this new chatbot products.

Amazon joined the Chatbot acquistion next to Google’s acquisition of, Now developer’s join Amazon to help integrating their data and technology.

The startup “GoButler”, originally provide a virtual assistant that let you request anything on-demand, appears to be pivoting in favour of offering natural language processing technology to third-parties.

Across 40+ categories, from entertainment to hotels and flights and booking and deliveries,’s domain-specific solutions speaks the language of the user and it is available on the platform that they already use every day. is built on processing millions of natural-language messages and enabling businesses to route their customers to use / buy / enquire their products and services they want.

Now Amazon will figure out a way to integrating this technology within its own e-commerce platform

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