6 Ways For Your Brand To Stand Out On Social

We’re breaking down 6 cost-effective, “so-easy-a-monkey-can-do-it” tips & tricks that will help your business crush it on social media. Learn what you can start doing today to build & maintain a good rep with your fans.


Your brand already has a personality, now show it off by engaging, interacting & actually socializing with fans.
Moe’s social team does a great job of delivering quick, witty & relevant responses to their fans on Twitter.

Being “social” on social sounds like a no-brainer right? Easier said than done. A lot of brands post solid content but forget about the most crucial piece, engaging with fans after the fact.

Many brands also focus their efforts on acquiring followers or fans, but fail to make those fans feel important. Break the mold by following fans back, liking/favoriting or reposting their content, responding to them, and most importantly… acknowledging their presence.

With social, putting your fans first is key. No one wants to follow a brand that treats social media as a one-way street — only talking about themselves and not listening to their fans. Showing off your brand’s personality starts with using your platform to talk with fans, not at them.

Developing a reputation for being friendly, conversational & attentive will set your brand apart from others, including your competitors.


Give a select few, trusted coworkers access to your brand’s accounts so they can help keep the conversation going with your fans.

Making your brand look like a superstar on social is a tall order for just 1 or 2 managers because as you’ve probably already noticed, social media management is a 24/7 type of gig (see Tip #1).

We’re not saying you have to let go of the reins to the point where someone else is helping create and post content. But be willing to ask for help in other ways — ones that don’t require emphasis on creative or grammatical skills.

The more people with admin access to your brand’s accounts (especially on mobile), the fewer things slip through the cracks. With more eyeballs on your brand’s pages throughout the day, more fan mentions get acknowledged, more comments/inquiries get personalized responses, etc. In return, your fans feel more important and your brand gets a good rep. Everyone wins!


Have your fans create content for you. They can put in a good word for you on their own social pages using a hashtag or automated tagging platform like Stealz*.
Actual Stealz user post on Facebook (names have been obscured for privacy).

It’s noisy out there. As social media has replaced more & more traditional marketing methods, it’s become increasingly difficult for brands to stand out in a crowd, let alone be heard. Getting your customers to say positive things about you (a.k.a. C2C marketing) might just be the answer to your prayers.

But how do you get them to endorse & refer your brand to their extensive social networks? Just being plain awesome is a good start, but it’s a safe bet that many of your fans are going to be asking what’s in it for them.

One way to reach potential new fans/customers through existing fans/customers is by creating and publicizing a hashtag, then somehow encouraging or incentivizing customers to use it in their social posts. Or, take the legwork out of it altogether and use an automated platform like Stealz to reward customers for sharing their positive experience at your business with their friends on social media.

*Denotes shameless plug … but we have yet to steer you wrong, right? Learn more about Stealz here.


Find out what interests your fans, and share things they’ll find valuable — whether it directly relates to your brand or not.

As previously mentioned, putting your fans first is key (see Tip #1). Your fans are all unique, but more likely than not, they have several common interests. One major commonality is YOU. They’re all fans of your brand in some way, shape or form.

While your fans love you, they most likely don’t want their feeds to be flooded with photos & info about you and you only. Ok, so not actually you, but content about your products, services, team, etc. Do a little research about who your fans/customers are, then share content that’s relevant, useful & interesting to them, even if it doesn’t directly mention your brand.

For example, if you’re a fast-casual restaurant that’s known for sourcing locally, write or repost an article about recent success of a local farm. You’re certainly entitled to share self-promoting content to your subscribed fans, but you’re more likely to develop and retain a more diversified, engaged audience if you understand their interests and can appeal to those interests.


Incentivize fans to share your content on social by directly tagging & mentioning their friends.
We knew our fans had a thing for Chick-Fil-A nuggets… and the rest is history.

Speaking of creating brand ambassadors (see Tip #3) and giving them what they want (see Tip #4)… everyone loves a good giveaway, especially when it’s free and doesn’t require much effort to participate. Moreover, people that already follow your brand are clearly fans of what you have to offer.

Leverage internal resources or partnerships to give away a gift card or free product/service on your social pages and encourage fans to enter by telling their friends about the giveaway (and your brand, by default).

The more your fans tag their friends (who then tag their friends, so on & so forth), the more people your post reaches and the more exposure you get on that platform. Not only this, but everyone tagged gets a notification that they were mentioned by a friend, making them more inclined to take a good look at what their friend wanted them to see… YOU!


Set & stick to a social calendar, either DIY style or using a post-scheduling tool like Hootsuite or Sprout Social.

A good rule of thumb is to try to post one fresh piece of content a day on each platform. Some brands prefer to be more or less active on different platforms, but keep in mind that there’s a happy medium between spamming your followers with too much info and keeping them in the dark.

It’s also helpful to develop a pattern for what type of content you’re posting when. For example, always run special giveaways (see Tip #5) on the first Monday of each month, or feature a “customer spotlight” on Fridays. This helps you keep tabs on the last time you posted something similar, and gives your page a sense of structure & familiarity for fans.

There are several ways to stay on track. You can go the old-fashioned (and free-ninety-nine) route of using a calendar reminder to create/post content. Or, you can use social media management tools like Hootsuite or Sprout Social to schedule posts and analyze their performance. If conducive to your budget, these tools can help with your engagement game too (see Tip #1).

For more information about Stealz or other tips for standing out on social, contact help@getstealz.com.

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