Stock up. By Chase Shiels

We’ve spent an exorbitant amount of time working to bring as much valuable information as we can to the industries in which we work. Some of those industries are aware — they know change has happened and it’s happening faster every day. Others… well, not so much.

Originally, we focused solely only on CRM. Read any VC’s blog or tech publication and you will hear all about staying focused. We quickly came to learn that certain industries didn’t even know what CRM is — at best they were familiar with the term “lead management” which is a part of but certainly not fully CRM. …

By Wes Dillingham

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A multi-part series on why adopting a CRM and other cloud based technology is not a personal indictment on how you do your job but an absolute must for businesses that want to compete in the future!

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When your company asked you to start using a CRM, like the Lead Tool, it may have felt like a personal attack, specifically on how you do your job but it’s not! …

More Customers, Less Work, Big Opportunity.

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Retail is up 4.1% YoY, E-commerce is up 16.2%

Awhile ago we posted this picture to our Instagram about Amazon’s home services offerings. Just recently there was an industry publication which covered it, which was awesome to see. …


Stock Systems

Successful lumberyard operators & technologists who build badass software to run #LBM #lumber #flooring operations. #WeAreTheIndustry

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