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Navigating content strategy in the current environment can feel like trying to find your way out of a complicated maze. At Storied, we’ve been asking ourselves how we can create must-read content that will resonate with our clients — heads of product and design, corporate leaders, and others executives in the world of technology and innovation — as they strive to inspire, educate, and reassure their audiences.

Just days before the nationwide stay-at-home orders were implemented due to COVID-19, the Storied team agreed on our 2020 strategy, tone, and goals for content. …

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We’re all thinking about our immune system right now.

Sure, we know the obvious:
Vitamin C, Zinc, Counter Attack (my fav), and plenty of sleep.

But what if there’s a deeper lesson here for all of us?

As a strategic messaging firm, we obsess over the role that stories play in shaping meaning, perception, and identity. Classical storytelling is all about us vs them. Friend or foe. Threat identification assessment. As I describe in chapter 3 of my new book Story 10x, there is a new kind of storytelling that goes beyond hero, victim, villain.

Especially during this time of disruption, we need a new type of story — and the immune system can take us there. Perhaps the following musing can help support how we lead, sustain our health, and maintain faith in the future. …

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Giving you a virtual fist bump because we’re #socialdistancing

With the emergence of COVID-19 and our rapidly changing world, we’re willing to bet you’ve had to make some pretty jarring changes in your work and life. Most people are working from home. People are practicing social distancing. Various cities are shutting down. Life feels different.

As we adapt to these new conditions together (in families, teams, and social circles), it’s easy to focus solely on the problems. But as leaders, how can we help our teams celebrate and adapt amidst the disruption? How can we reframe problems into possibilities? The adjustment helps set a positive tone and foster hope.

To shift the tone from problems to possibility at Storied, we asked the team four questions:

1. What positive societal changes do you see emerging from this?


Michael Margolis / Storied

Storied is a strategic messaging firm specializing in disruption and innovation. We eat lots of craft chocolate.

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