The Feel Good Principle: How Hormones, Habits, and Behavior Affect Storytelling.

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We like things that make us feel good.

Embrace pleasure, avoid pain.

The “Feel Good Principle.”

Invent the disease, give them the cure.

Break free from “Inadequacy Marketing.”

“Tell your audience that the world is dangerous, that they lack what they need,
that they don’t quite fit in. Then offer the magic cure — your product.”
— Jonah Sachs, Wired, 2013.

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Get Storied: StoryU Live, May 2014 in San Francisco

The storytelling science to make people feel good.

The science behind feelings — your hormones at work:

Storytelling activates your hormones in a particular way:

A better way to influence and inspire others:

Making them feel bad doesn’t work.

Try instead the “Feel Good Sandwich”

Creating emotionally compelling narratives.

What if our habits for storytelling need to change?

Today, everyone’s becoming a storyteller. And yet a more complex world means more complex stories.

In short — we often make people feel bad — without even realizing it.

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