Super Social

Super Social — Stay in touch

Meet Super Social, the journal app that can help millions of people, just like you to stay in touch with people that you care about. Use contact reminders to maintain social relationships, add moments to remember and continue great conversations, and let your life become full of people moments interactions and happiness.

Super social reminds you when it is the right time to reach out to your friends, family, business contacts and acquaintances. Set reminders per person or per group, daily, weekly, or any time you prefer.

Never again forget what you talked about last time. Super Social helps you to remember and continue great conversations. With moments, you can add photos, voice messages or notes per contact and make a journal of all the times you shared together.

It’s also easy to stay in touch with your favorite groups. You can add contacts into a group and gradually increase your interactions with them.

The first step to reach out and staying in touch is hard. With Super Social, you may get inspired to make that call, write something nice.

Give it a try and experience yourself how you can become super social.

What Marc, Michelle, Angela and Carolyn are saying:
As an expat, I like to stay in touch with my old co-workers and business relationships. With Super Social, I actively reach out to stay in touch and maintain contact. — Marc

I used to contact all my friends by writing and receiving letters. On rainy days, I would reread all the letters I received. Now I keep everything in Super Social, and I love saving photos per person. — Michelle

We are all so busy that sometimes I only meet my team members at the annual team party. I created a group with co-workers in Super Social, now I am much better informed about my co-workers, even outside of work. — Angela

It was great meeting so many new people at a cupcake meetup. I’ve added them as a group in Super Social, and now I send each of them a message when Super Social reminds me. — Carolyn

All your personal information is stored on your phone, and not shared with us.