Is Anybody Really A Morning Person?

I’ve always seen myself as more of a night owl. Early mornings — no thank you. Nope. No bueno. But there’s this notion out there that the people who manage to sustain a fit and healthy lifestyle tend to be those who work out first thing in the morning. And I want to be one of those people instead of the my current sometimes-fit-and-healthy sometimes-fat-girl dichotomous persona.

Two weeks ago I was watching a Travis S video on youtube. He religiously wakes up early in the morning on weekdays and trains at unearthly hours before going off to his corporate world (he’s an accountant). What he said was that he doesn’t think about this early morning training ethic — he just gets up and goes to the gym without putting any thought into it. Huh, ok.

If you’ve read the post before this, you may know that i’m at the point where i’m sick and tired of my own lazy ass and excuses. Firstly because I don’t see this person with this terrible work ethic as me. Secondly because that means the mirror shows someone who doesn’t look like me to me either. Thirdly because I just have bigger hopes and dreams for myself. Put that together with what Travis said and internet wisdom about people with sustainable fitness lifestyles and you know where this is going.

Two weeks ago I started a 12-week workout program off-of BodySpace. It’s called FreakMode and it’s created by this guy called Alex Savva. What I like about it is that you can be in and out of the gym in an hour, though you do workout 6 days a week. Since what I am trying to do is build a healthy habit, it seems sensible to start with something like this.

The other thing I did is I switched off the Snooze button off my alarm. It goes off, I get up and walk down a flight of stairs to the washroom and pick up my toothbrush. Halfway through brushing my teeth I start to wake up and tell myself not to think about it. 20 mins later i’m riding the metro to the gym, where I open BodySpace and click “Track Workout.”

What i’ve learned is that we are really creatures of habit. We are neither lazy nor determined, early morning people nor night owls. We are what we do and we can do anything that we put our minds to. And that’s not new — I had just lost my faith in the veracity of that.

I have ten weeks left on this program. But I have a feeling the hardest part was getting started. I can’t wait to write a post about how I stuck with this new early morning fitness lifestyle thing for twelve weeks without missing a workout — that will feel better than sleeping in every has…

p.s.- disabling Snooze off your alarm is a lifehack I am so behind now. If you’re annoying yourself by how much you’re snoozing I recommend disabling snooze — the stress of oversleeping if you give in to “five-more-minutes-noooo” is a good preventive measure that ensures you will get outta bed immediately when the alarm goes off :).