Why is this such a hard concept?

I’ve been thinking about kindness a lot over the past few days. Like an orgasm, it seems to come so easily to some, but not naturally to others. And I think that is total bullshit.

There is absolutely no reason why EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US can’t just be kind every single day.

Yesterday I took the kid through the McDonald’s drive-thru (second time this week…don’t you judge me!). At the food pick-up window, the employee was a young girl, late high school or early university age. She was very sweet…she asked me if I wanted a tray for our drinks (to which I replied “yes please” because my mama didn’t raise no mannerless buffoon). After she passed me our drinks and bags of food, she said “Thank you so much for being nice! You have no idea how rare of an occurrence that is!”

That kind of took me aback.

Even though I have worked in retail and other forms of customer service over the years, and I know how awful people can be. Many people treat those in the service industry like garbage…like their own personal slaves.

I guess I just didn’t realize I was being “nice”. I was just being me.

I’m generally a very nice person (despite my penchant for a good swear word, my habit of honking a lot while driving, my enjoyment of a good gossip session at someone else’s expense, and my “if you don’t have anything nice to say, come sit by me!” school of thought). I’m just not in the business of deliberately hurting anyone’s feelings.

The more I thought about it, the more annoyed I felt. Chances are, this poor girl had just recently been yelled at by some random, entitled person because their fries weren’t hot enough, or their burger had onions on it. Chances are, it wasn’t even her fault. She wears the uniform, so she bears the brunt.

I get it…life can be total shit. You’re in a bad place, so you yell at the first person who is unfortunate enough to get in your way. I get the frustration, as I’ve been there. BUT…if we all just followed the simple rule of “Don’t be a dick”, how would our little corner of the world change? And what effect would that have on the world as a whole?