“You Should Write a Blog!” ~ they

“You’re so funny, you should write a blog!” ~ my mom
“I love your stories!” ~ friend of my mom
“hahahaha!” ~ someone at some point, maybe

I don’t know if that last one is a quote, but if someone has found me funny at some point, there’s a chance they laughed, maybe.

What exactly is “Getting Over the Hump” and what does it mean, you ask?

“Over the hump” is a phrase that is defined as “over the hard part; past the mid-point. ‘When you get over the hump, life is much better!’” Which is all well and good…except when you are constantly ON the damn hump! I live in a perpetual state of being on the wrong side of that hump. The first half…never quite making it to the top; that lovely reward of finally getting to coast and rest for a minute, wind in your hair. I’m always pushing to the top, then sliding right back down to the base of the hill. After sliding back to the start of the hump so many times, I feel like I’ve just set up a tent and I live there now. Then when I’m feeling brave, I venture out onto the hill every now and again.

Back when the Baby Daddy/bestie and me were inseparable, we were constantly saying “If we can just get over this hump, we’ll be golden!” It was usually some sort of financial crisis…if we could make it through that particular week or month, we assumed we’d be set. I’m not sure we ever collectively made it over that hump! But borne out of that situation was an inside joke…that we’ve been “getting over the hump” for as long as we’ve been alive. But maybe that’s true of all people. Does anyone ever truly make it over the hump?

I’ve got a lot going on…a lot of stress and bullshit in my life, with a peppering of mental illness thrown in there for flavor. I am funny, but I can also be dark and twisty. I feel everything very deeply, and I express more different emotions in one day than some show in a whole month. You’ll see all sides of my weirdness here at various times, depending on the day, circumstances, the way the wind is blowing. 
I’m a mom, and my job in a public elementary school provides me with plenty of entertaining stories of weirdness and hilarity. These things make me interesting, even when everything else is going to shit.

You arrived at a good point in the story…I’m at a time in my life where I have some perspective; I can both laugh and cry at the same time. I can see the pathetic hilarity of my choices and where I’ve ended up. I can see the difference between the child I was, and the “adult” (term used loosely) that I’ve become.

And you’ll get to hear stories of kids shoving weird crap up their noses, stories of kids punching each other in the junk at recess, stories of a kid wearing soccer cleats all day at school that we assume he stole from some other kid. You’ll learn more about Baby Daddy, and meet the daughter. And if you’re a part of my real life, you may find yourself written about here too, at some point.

So thanks for joining me at my campsite at the base of the hump. I have marshmallows…we’ll make s’mores and roast weenies while I tell you my stories…

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