Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Give Up Friendships for Career!

Thinking of taking that new fancy high paying job to work a lot and make tons of money? Think again! According to a recent study published by the Journal of Socio-Economics, having a best friend is worth 150,000 in extra cash! The study analyzed 10,000 people for 18 years to figure out whether money or friendship makes people overall happier. Their study found that friendship was overwhelmingly more important in a person lifetime than money. They used a scale from 1–7 (1 being very dissatisfied and 7 being very satisfied) to let people within the study rate their level of life satisfaction. Respondents with a rich social network were two points higher than those without. When the study looked at how much money it would take to make someone who lacks close friendship as satisfied as someone with close friendships it came out to $150,000 a year of extra money.

(All information and facts within this article come from an “NowThis Future” article posted on 7/29/2018)