Why I Wanted to Build Trof

Aug 30, 2018 · 4 min read

Hey everyone 👋 my name is Lee Haider and I am one of four co-founders of Trof! I am writing this article to explain what Trof means to me and what I hope it can do for others. A little fast background on Trof, Trof is a mobile and web platform that connects people and travelers who share interests over local eats.

I am going to start out with a quick backstory of who I am, this will play right into the creation of Trof. I originally am from a small town called Mandan, which is located in North Dakota, and yes, people do live there, trust me. Growing up in a small town was great, there really is a sense of small-town community. This was something I also enjoyed though never knew I took for granted. Upon graduating from high school I knew I wanted to leave the state of North Dakota to see more of the United States and case my crazy entrepreneurial passion. I ended up moving at 19 to the gorgeous city Colorado Springs, Colorado. I told myself once I move and get out of North Dakota I am going to hit the ground running as hard as I can chasing my crazy entrepreneurship passion. Though when I moved here something happened that I had never experienced before, due to never moving until now. How do I meet new friends and find others who share the same interests and passions as me? I found out very quickly how alone you can feel in a large city when you don’t know anyone. I wanted to experience all the cool places downtown had to offer, yet I had no one to go with. I was so used to a small community my whole life I never realized that when you move to a larger city it is not as easy to meet people. I know it sounds like common sense but until you move and leave all your family and friends behind you don’t realize it, you are back at square one. You have to go and meet new people all over again just like the first day of kindergarten.

I ended up taking an entrepreneurship class at my university I was attending in Colorado Springs. This is where I met Meghan, another one of the original founders. One day we had to come up with a problem to solve for the class. Meghan suggested no one likes eating alone, and that is when it hit me. Combining Meghan suggestion with my current problem made fireworks go off in my head. The rest since then has been history for Trof. Trof has made an appearance at international competitions, conferences in Silicon Valley, and even pitching at the Rockies Venture Capital Student Competition.

Ultimately, the team and I set out to build a platform that puts friendship as number one, not hookups or creepy dating experiences. Our vision with Trof is to allow individuals who have deep passions or interests to meet others who have that same deep passion. We believe community and friendship is everything. Everyone wants to be a part of something, and no one wants to feel alone. Whether you are traveling, moving for work or college, or just want to meet new people, Trof will be there to help. I like to say Trof is your best friend for finding best friends.

Learn more about Trof visit our website at trofapp.com. Trof will be launching their web application early this Fall, sign up to get notified when it goes live. (no we won’t spam you)


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Hey 👋 We’re a new app 📲 that connects you with new people who have similar interests at local restaurants! 🌮 Start connecting now @ TrofApp.com 🕺

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