Why You Should Trek To Annapurna Base Camp — Nepal

When it comes to adventure and adrenalin, there is no place on Earth that offers more excitement than the Himalayan mountain range in the Indian subcontinent. And of course, nothing quite beats the feeling of a trek well finished, especially when that trek is one of the many sites of historical significance!

Enduring Nature
The Annapurna Base Camp, usually considered to be a test drive for those experienced adventurers who want to one day scale Mount Everest itself, is something that every person in love with nature, trekking and the mountains must give a go! Why, you ask? Despite the fact that it serves as a prologue to the Everest, it’s actually one of the easiest treks Nepal has to offer, not to mention one of the most beautiful!

Base Camp Topography
The Base Camp trek is about 64 miles long and can take anywhere between 8–10 days; experienced trekkers have been known to finish it within 6! The mountains are absolutely gorgeous and Mount Machhapuchhre can be seen for the most of the trek’s duration, as though watching over you while you forge on through the trails in a determined manner! The mountain also marks a sort of halfway point; once you get to the Machhapuchhre Base Camp, you soldier on to the Annapurna Base Camp, knowing you’re so very close to your goal!

When The Going Gets Tough The Tough Gets Going
Another reason why you should go on this trek is how easily accessible it is! It doesn’t take a very big production to start out on your journey; the trailhead itself is only about an hour and a half away from the small town of Pokhara. All you’d need is your equipment and some cash to make the trip! It is advisable to employ a local guide to help you out so you don’t get lost, especially if this is your first time going there. A good idea would be to sign up with adventure groups like getupandgo.in and then go with a group of people who are as excited as you to commune so closely with nature!

Keep Calm! We finally did it!
A long day of trekking and then a cup of nice, hot tea in a trekker’s lodge — doesn’t that sound enticing? The locals welcome travellers with open arms and you’ll get a dash of culture with your adrenalin rush too! You’ll see dirt and mud, ice and snow, greenery and shrubbery — you’ll get to conquer the mountains, even if you’re just a beginner trekker! So get your gear and then race to the Annapurna Base Camp — it is one trek you cannot miss.