Veris Cloud Based Visitor Management System

A recent brand experience study revealed that 81% businesses believe that it is the brand experience that is a more effective driver of performance than even marketing communication. The same study, conducted by The Chartered Institute of Marketing, also found that 75% marketers agree that how to position the brand and its values plays a major role in most major business decisions. In fact, brand experience is the top priority for business across the globe, a trend that is expected to continue in 2019.

Why Brand Experience?

So, why are companies, large and small, so focused on brand experience? Well, Neilsen’s latest Total Audience report reveals that that largest single population that any business would target is made up of millennials and Gen Z, accounting for 48% of the total population. And, if businesses need to target this largest demographic, they have to give them what this target audience desires. CNBC is not the only one to report that millennials and Gen Zers prioritize experience over material possessions. They prefer to spend money on something that gives them a positive experience, rather than the usual big cars and luxury assets.

And, brand experience gives them just what they are looking for, since it focuses on providing a multi-sensory experience that will create a meaningful and long-lasting experience with a brand. In addition, this target audience is what has often been called “digital natives.” They love the advantages technology has to offer to simplify life.

So, what does all this have to do with a cloud-based visitor management system? The answer is simple — where does a visitor have the first experience of your business? At the doorstep of your premises, of course. This is, therefore, where the brand experience should begin.

Veris Brings the Gift of Customizability

Veris has developed visitor management software that offers amongst the highest levels of customizability in India. It allows businesses to provide visitors tailormade check-in and check-out processes that are user-friendly, fast and efficient, while providing a high level of security. Here’s a look at the features that can be customized to give visitors the perfect brand experience:

Customized Check-in

With the Veris guest management system, businesses get a tech-based solution for visitors to check-in at the premises. The welcome screen can be customized with your own logo and colors, while the information collected from the visitor can also be customized according to what data you would like to collect. This data can then be used for further analysis, as well as marketing efforts. You can add a brand message to the welcome screen as well. In fact, some companies in India have customized this visitor management system to provide a slide show, conveying company-specific information to visitors, between check-ins. The best part is that the visitor receives a quick, smooth and efficient experience of your business, right at the doorstep.

Customizable Dashboard

To ensure the highest levels of security, specific and customized monitoring of people entering and leaving your premises, the dashboard can be customized so that the admin or security team can monitor multiple remote locations simultaneously, in real time. With a simple drag-and-drop feature, the dashboard can be customized to provide emergency notifications, alerts and even generate compliance reports in the format of your choice for both audit and admin purposes. All the data can be saved in Excel or CSV format and securely stored on the cloud, with customized filters for targeted reporting.

Web Check-In & More

When you have people who frequently visit your premises or you invite certain people to your office, you can make the experience even more streamlined for them. With the admin being able to pre-fill 70% of the visitor’s data beforehand, all the person needs to do when they arrive is to have their picture clicked for the visitor’s badge and sign the NDA. To make it even more efficient, the invitee can actually fill in all the required information during their commute to your premises via the web check-in facility. All you have to do is send them the link with the invite. In addition, the host is notified as soon as the invitee checks in, so that you can give them a truly red-carpet welcome.

With a guest management system that allows you to choose the type of experience you want to give visitors of your business, you can truly create a luxurious brand experience for everyone. The visitor management software can also be customized to allow employees to efficiently and quickly check in and out of the premises, adding to employee satisfaction.