Introducing WalnutPay — the smartest way to split bills and send & receive money from friends

For long, many of you have requested a feature in Walnut — an option to actually make payments from within the app itself. We’re delighted to share that this feature is live! :)

WalnutPay for Android and iOS

Introducing WalnutPay

With WalnutPay you can now split and settle your spends with friends, as well as send & receive money for free, using only your debit cards. This completely eliminates the need to remember and exchange account numbers and IFSC codes. Your phone and your debit card, the two things that you always carry with you, are sufficient to send/receive money and settle payments. And the best thing — it works from any bank to any bank!

Adding a debit card and bank account

Add details of the debit card from which you’d like to make payments and confirm if you wish to use this card both for sending and receiving payments. Currently, payments can only be received on a Visa debit card. You can also add a bank account into which you can receive money. Once that is done, you’re set.

Split and settle spends / send and receive money from friends

To settle dues, tap on the ‘You Owe’ tab that displays pending transactions, select a transaction and the Walnut Pay icon to make the payment. To send and receive money, tap the “WalnutPay” tab (“Transactions” tab in iOS), and then on the “Send Money” or “Request Money” buttons to send and receive money respectively. If you send money to someone who doesn’t use WalnutPay, they must install the app and add a debit card or a bank account within 2 days. If they don’t do so, the money is refunded to you.

Pay your Visa credit card bills*

In the Bills Reminder section, tap on the WalnutPay icon beside your pending credit card bill. Input your credit card details to complete the payment, and you’re done. Currently, bill payments can only be made to Indian Visa credit cards — support for other credit cards and billers is being added later.

* This option is currently available only on the Android app

Why WalnutPay?

  • Receive real money in your bank account instantly — no more transfers to / from wallet
  • No transaction charges or any hidden fees — it is completely free for you
  • All you need is a phone number to make a payment

Go ahead, download and use WalnutPay for Android and iOS!

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Originally published at on August 26, 2016.

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