The Great Indian ATM Hunt

It has been close to a month now since the Government announced demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes, after which people across the country have been on the lookout for ATMs in search of cash.

Within 48 hours of this announcement, our #ATMwithCash feature was launched, and since then it has helped over half a million users find an active ATM with cash. We’ve continued to enhance it by showing denomination of available currency notes and length of a queue at an ATM & the ability to be notified when a nearby ATM becomes ‘active’.

We were keen to see this information in real-time as users searched and found ATMs across India. Being a tech startup, it didn’t take long for this idea to take hold with the in-house geeks, and what started off as a weekend project was soon transformed into The Great Indian ATM Hunt — long queues, short queues, type of currency notes notes — all beautifully visualised in real-time.

  • Red dots: People searching for ATMs
  • Green dots: When people withdraw money from an ATM that has a short queue
  • Orange dots: When people withdraw money from an ATM that has a long queue

View the live map on

To find an #ATMwithCash, download Walnut and get a notification when an ATM near you is active.

Originally published at on December 6, 2016.

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