FDA is the Food and Drugs Administration of the U.S that sets quality standards for food products, drugs, vaccines, and much more.

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When we say FDA has recalled a Dog Food, then it simply means that the food has been proven harmful and unhealthy for consumption.

For example, the dog food ‘Hunk of Beef Au Jus’ was recalled once FDA noticed the dogs falling sick with its consumption. Later it was proved that a contaminant called Pentobarbital was present in many of the food samples which caused the problem.

FDA Recalls Dog Food Because It Contains Horrifying Ingredient

Have you heard about the brand Beneful? There were many customers…

There are many stories and beliefs about the time when humans domesticated the dogs. However, there rarely any solid proofs to it. But we all agree on this thing that, human ancestors dwelled around the water source and hunted for food.

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In addition to that, the wild animals crossed their paths with that of the humans for leftovers especially the dogs. After which, due to their loyal and tameable temperament humans might have started to use them for guarding purposes.

Likewise, the dogs in the modern era had a habit of eating the human food which their master provided. This…

Science is not a bunch of some hectic theories, instead, it is a way of living. Having said that, food is the best thing that has happened to all the creatures. On one hand, humans associate food with few of many things i.e. hunger, habit, taste, nutrition, entertainment commodity, vivid exploration, and much more.

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On the other hand, we have dogs who associate food with taste, hunger, aroma, and nothing more(pun intended). Therefore, you as a pet master have to keep a thorough check on the scientific factors about the product while buying.

Adding to the fact, there are few…

Hey everyone, I know you guys are having a trouble judging which of the Dog Food option is better; the Dry or the Wet one. To be frank, both the food types have got their own positives and negatives.

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If you are serving your pup with only a dry food, then your pet is missing on the natural ingredients of the Wet Food. Also, the level of the water intake reduces.

On the other hand, if the pet is served with only a Wet Food, then they won’t get the chewing benefits which were possible with the dry kibbles.

To solve this out, you could better include both the types of Dog Food in their meal. This way, they can get the benefits of both the food varieties, and satisfy their cravings too.

Each and every organism in this plant need food to survive. This is something that everyone knows, but I would like to add some more detail to that.

Variety in the foods is equally important. Isn’t it?

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[Loved it] Nutritious Homemade Wet Dog Food Recipes

Food variety holds true for the dogs too, and so would you like to make some food for your dog next time?

Below are some Quick Homemade Wet Dog Food Recipes which I came across recently.

Recipe 1: Easy & Healthy Doggie Stew

Mix ingredients like chicken thighs, chicken livers, carrots, beans, apple, and water in a container. Bring it to…

Purina recalled about some of the 10 ounces of the wet food tubs, and this happened in the year 2016.

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So what was the actual problem here?

As per the company claims, a few of the 10-ounce wet dog food packs didn’t contain the right amount of the vitamins from what was recommended for the dogs.

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Later, the brand requested all the buyers to throw away the wet food packs which were dated ‘Best Before’ during June to August month in 2017. They also mentioned that they are working to resolve the issue and release the right batch asap.

Wet Dog Foods are the most expensive of all Dog Foods. This is why, when it comes to selection, you need to select the right food so that you don’t regret the purchase. That’s how I got the topic for my next review, and here you will find out the reviews for the Best 5 Wet Dog brands that you should not ignore!

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Top Guide : good wet dog food for small breeds

Top 5 Best Wet Dog Food Brands for Puppies

Wet Foods have a high level of moisture level, and they are prepared in a different way compared to the dry kibbles or the Dry Food as…


I will let you know everything about dog food i.e. wet and dry

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