Discover The Waters Of South Florida Kayaking And Snorkeling

There are tourist attractions around the world but South Florida offers some of the world’s things to do. South Florida beauty attracts the interest of travelers and fun lovers alike. You have many choices from swimming with the dolphins and spending time at the beach to kayaking and snorkeling. Great water sports companies throughout south Florida, such as Get Wet Water Sports in West Palm Beach offer snorkeling and kayak tours apart from jet skiing, surfing and other options.


Kayaking is a great experience. Not only is kayaking fun and adventurous as you ride the waves, it is also a great exercise that is very beneficial physically and mentally.

Kayaking is South Florida’s most affordable way to enjoy the views and venture out on the intra-coastal or ocean water ways. You can rent a kayak for a few hours and take a gander over to Peanut Island or rent for the day and head north to Munyon Island. Kayaking can take you places you want to see.

Don’t forget about kayaking tours where a guide will lead the way and help you master the skill that you will always enjoy.


Snorkeling takes you up, close and personal to marine life. It is a great experience that requires only an inexpensive snorkel, a mask and a pair of flippers. Snorkeling offers conditioning and recreation in an adaptable activity for aquatic exercisers. People with a broad range of fitness levels and abilities can enjoy it.

While snorkeling, you enjoy several health benefits while enjoying the marvels of nature such as coral reefs. Snorkeling increases your maximal oxygen uptake which a good indicator of aerobic fitness.

Snorkeling is a recreational activity that can help to tone your body. When you snorkel, you work out core, quads, hamstrings, calves, ankles and shoulders. Snorkeling is also an endurance exercise that improves overall strength and burns about 300 calories an hour. Snorkeling is an enjoyable leisure activity that not only makes you fit but also inspires fitness.

West Palm Beach offers snorkeling tours for those who want to experience this amazing activity.

Snorkeling can also serve as training for another aquatic sport since it can help you make significant improvements quickly. Front-mounted snorkels allow you to practice body position and arm pulls and you don’t even have to raise the head to breathe. This also helps you master balance and propulsion. For instance, triathletes snorkel in the pool with freestyle drills to build lung and leg strength.

For more information and exciting offers on kayak tours and snorkeling tours in West Palm Beach, call Get Wet Water Sports at 561–243–8938. Their ACA Certified Instructors, Florida Master Naturalists and guides have fished the waters of South Florida for years and are perfect coaches to help you experience these amazing activities.