Synthesized dance video of Jalen Brunson on the Dallas Mavericks’ jumbotron

Mark Cuban would be the first to tell you that the Dallas Mavericks are not just in the business of sports but are also in the business of entertainment. Fans may come out to see Luka Dončić hit three-pointers but often what they remember most are the times when their son dove for a t-shirt or their friend embarrassed themself on the “dance cam”. Xpire’s new AI technology offers the Dallas Mavericks a new way to entertain fans.

The team at Xpire AI recently debuted our new video synthesis technology at the Dallas Mavericks game on March 13th. By learning…

Recently we launched a new feature in our Storyline app called Layers. (If you don’t have the app you can download it here for free:

Since we started Storyline we have focused mostly on enabling our users to consume digital content quickly and easily while on-the-go. While this is still one our major goals, we also wanted to create a way for users to collaborate, share, and discover content on Twitter. With all the clutter on Twitter, it’s hard to find your friends, let alone specific content! Because of this, we have created something that looks like Snapchat Local…

For the past couple of months we have been hard at work building a new feature called Storyline. Most people follow hundreds of users on Twitter and spend a large amount of time scrolling through their feeds everyday. While some people may check their feeds in the morning or before bed, others stay “plugged in” all day and are constantly refreshing their feeds to see what their friends are sharing.

Because most of us struggle to find time to stay connected all day, we have developed an entirely new viewing experience for Twitter. Built into Xpire, Storyline delivers tweets from…

Our goal with Xpire is to provide everybody with essential privacy tools to help better manage social media. In order to make this happen, we realize we need to continue to expand our product to other platforms. We are excited to announce that Xpire for Android is now available for free on the Google Play Store!

Ever since we started Xpire, we have been heavily focused on the distribution of content. Because our content is often tied to our public profiles, we must be extremely careful when it comes to what we share and who we share it with…

We are happy to announce that v1.1.4 of Xpire offers more Facebook features to help you shrink your digital footprint. Xpire is now able to crawl your Facebook posts, allowing you to view your old posts, search through your posts, and calculate your Facebook Social Score! We have also added an “Expiring Posts” feature to help you manage and edit your posts that are about to expire.

While we have offered these features for Twitter for awhile now, our Facebook functionality was limited to posting only. Because Facebook does not allow us to delete your past posts through their API…

We are pleased to announce that Xpire v1.1.3 introduces the ability to calculate your Social Score!

Our Social Scoring algorithm is a way to determine how much potentially risky content you share on Twitter. For instance, if you have little to no risky content, you will receive a Social Score of an “A+”. On the contrary, if you share large amounts of potentially inappropriate content on Twitter, you will receive a Social Score of a “F”.

Our Social Scoring technique will change the way you cleanse your digital footprint. You can use your Social Score to make your Twitter account…

We are excited to announce that Xpire v1.1.0 supports Tumblr integration! This means that you can now share expiring Tumblr blog posts and manage which blogs you are following!

Our goal with Xpire is to create a way to manage all of your content across the entire Internet. Our integration with Tumblr takes us one step closer to this goal by allowing users to manage both their personal and corporate blogs. We are also working on other Tumblr features that help you further manage your digital footprint.

We are working everyday to make Xpire more and more powerful, so stay tuned as we continue to build the best way to manage your online presence.

-The Xpire Team

Hello, Xpire fans! Thank you for trying out our new app. We launched just two months ago and are excited to see so many people benefitting from using Xpire.

Our goal with Xpire is to make it easy to shrink your digital footprint. Since the beginning of social networking, people have been sharing content on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, etc. This large collection of data can potentially be used against us in the future by people such as bosses, teachers, etc.

After noticing this problem, we set out to build a set of tools to help combat the negative…


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