Android and Safety Net

Our goal with Xpire is to provide everybody with essential privacy tools to help better manage social media. In order to make this happen, we realize we need to continue to expand our product to other platforms. We are excited to announce that Xpire for Android is now available for free on the Google Play Store!

Ever since we started Xpire, we have been heavily focused on the distribution of content. Because our content is often tied to our public profiles, we must be extremely careful when it comes to what we share and who we share it with. In our new update, we are releasing a feature we call Safety Net, which automatically warns you before sharing potentially inappropriate content. Safety Net acts as your social safety net by scanning and calculating “risk weights” that are associated with common words. We realize that not everybody’s opinion of inappropriate is the same. Because of this, we will be utilizing machine learning techniques to “learn” what type of content you share. This will allow Xpire’s warnings to be more personal and relevant to you and the content you share. And remember, Xpire is a privacy application and never stores the contents of your posts on any servers. Safety Net is now available in Xpire for iOS and Xpire for Android.

We are extremely excited about the products we are building at Xpire. Thank you very much for checking out Xpire and we are happy you are along with us in the fight for total digital privacy!

— The Xpire Team

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