Calculate Your Social Score

We are pleased to announce that Xpire v1.1.3 introduces the ability to calculate your Social Score!

Our Social Scoring algorithm is a way to determine how much potentially risky content you share on Twitter. For instance, if you have little to no risky content, you will receive a Social Score of an “A+”. On the contrary, if you share large amounts of potentially inappropriate content on Twitter, you will receive a Social Score of a “F”.

Our Social Scoring technique will change the way you cleanse your digital footprint. You can use your Social Score to make your Twitter account more appealing to your employers, in-laws, friends, parents, and your community. Once your Social Score hits an “A+”, you can stop your worrying and know that you are representing yourself in a positive way on Twitter.

Stay tuned as we make the algorithm faster, smarter, and available on more social platforms.

—The Xpire Team

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