The 7 YOU-Community Commandments

YOU-app has something unique: the world’s most positive community. For our users to make the most of YOU-app and its uplifting powers, our team and the community have created the “7 YOU Commandments”:

  1. Thou shalt not compete. YOU-app is action without competition. Don’t try to “achieve” this app — it’s about you and the good things you do for yourself, not about collecting brownie-points.
  2. Thou shall focus on self. YOU-app is first and foremost about you! We all need community and encouragement, but commenting or responding to every post should be secondary to your personal growth.
  3. Thou shalt not grind. There is no need to complete all actions. We can say from experience that if you try to do it all, you’ll end up overwhelmed. So once in a while — let an action go. Take a tech timeout, and come back refreshed!
  4. Thou shall take time. This app is best when you take a minute daily to reflect on the action. Much more important than the picture is your own thinking and experience.
  5. Thou shalt not spam. YOU-app is built on trust, so keep posts decent. Let’s keep YOU-app a “safe place”, where we can all post personal moments from our lives. We want to earn the community’s trust daily, and we take cases of bullying and restricted content VERY seriously.
  6. Thou shall help. If you learn something — pass it on. If you have an insight and notice someone else struggling with the same — help them. If someone is having a bad day — give them a kind word or a smile. We’re talking about life in general, but sure — apply it to the app as well ☺
  7. Thou shall cultivate. Feedback is our fuel. YOU is for you, and we want to build this together with you. Send us your thoughts to, we read (and respond to) all of them personally.

Big love,

YOU-team and the community

Like the concept of small changes to improve your life? YOU-app is all about small steps for a happier, healthier you. Join the movement by downloading YOU-app for iOS or Android, or read more about YOU-app with Jamie Oliver.

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