The Electric Standing Desk

A Study: Sitting versus Standing.

A study done by the Icahn School of Medicine in New York showed that workers who were provided an adjustable standing workstation were less prone to sedentary behavior both in and out of the workplace.

This study, which compared workers at a traditional desk against workers utilizing an adjustable desk for sitting and standing, was conducted for a period of one year, and at predetermined milestones, feedback was gathered from the workers.

By the halfway point of the exercise, the data was overwhelmingly favoring the employees utilizing the variable height desks;

Nearly half the workers at a standing desk reported declines in back and shoulder discomfort while over 80 percent commented that their jobs seemed easier while using a sit to stand style desk.

Two-thirds of them also reported that not only did their productivity increase, but health improvements were noticed away from the workplace.

A new health hazard has been created.

A new catchphrase in the workplace is that“sitting is the new smoking.” Nearly two dozen chronic conditions are attributed to prolonged sitting, and not just on the job, but anywhere.

As a society, we have progressed from an active lifestyle to one that is primarily sedentary. Since the Industrial Revolution took people away from agricultural and other physical endeavors, we’ve morphed into a sitting, obese culture.

Dr. James Levine of the Mayo Clinic has done extensive research into the links between obesity and the lack of exercise in America today. His analysis boils down to a very simple premise…if you don’t move around, you don’t burn energy,

The Mayo Clinic published an editorial written by Dr. Levineappropriately titled, The Chairman’s Curse: Lethal Sitting. It’s not difficult to read between the lines and understand that in fact, sitting is killing us.

Standing while working at your electric adjustable desk may not be the most strenuous of physical activities. But supported by the evidence above, it is certainly a far better choice.

Simply moving around while working expends energy, but to be truly effective, another element comes into play — -and that is ergonomics.

Ergonomics are imperative.

The adjustable desktop must be ergonomically friendly in order to maximize the effects of alternating between sitting and standing.

Research based on anthropometric studies show that the average height of a female worker in the United States is 5’4”. ANSI/BIFMArecommends a work surface to be at a height of 24.5” when sitting, and at 41.3” when standing.

For the male, whose average height is 5’10”, the sitting surface should be at 26.5” and standing at 44.8”.

With a desk designed and crafted byMojoDesk, the ability to electrically adjust the height to perfectly match your stature is guaranteed.

And stability is equally important.

One other critical feature of the desk is stability. It has been shown that many electric adjustable-height desks become unstable beyond the 40” height. Looking at thenumbers shown above, this is not acceptable.

The MojoDesk has been designed with this in mind. It is constructed to be stable at all heights, but to be especially steady at the standing positions above 40”.

It’s time to make a change.

There is nothing wrong with sitting. We all need to sit at one time or another. But the evidence is undeniable, too much is bad for our health.

For the individual who normally spends their workday sitting, having the opportunity to stand and move around periodically while continuing to workis just what the doctor ordered.

The electric standing desk is the perfect solution for agratifying work experience and a healthier lifestyle.