Alerts and warnings are important car driving indicators both when you are driving your car or someone is driving your car. Alerts can be related to driving behavior or the car’s overall health and performance.

Zyme Pro comes with 13 different alerts in order to ensure that you are fully apprised of your car’s performance and even so of the driver driving it at any given time.

Also, for ease of use, these alerts are classified into 3 broad categories vis-à-vis driving alerts, safety alerts and engine alerts

Zyme Pro is telematics solution for cars that connects your car to the outside connected world through internet access in your car. The home page of the application (Screenshot 1)comprises a map view with realtime car locator along with access to all features given in the app. Below is a brief about all features present on this screen.

On the top left, we have provided the profile sidebar which shows your profile and other important options to route you to the feature itself or to customize it accordingly. On the home, you can find the car’s location and status. …

Zyme Pro’s analytics feature helps you to analyse your trips and driving behavior that saves you money, fuel and sometimes lives as well.

Zyme Pro is designed to introduce easy and subtle behavioral changes while driving to save user’s money, time and fuel. This is done by regular alerts and monitoring but in this case, analytics of your last 7 days drive gives you an insight into your driving pattern. For that matter, you can choose any 7 day period and peg your driving pattern against that in a different time frame and analyse to see for changes and improvements.

Carrying all your required and related documents is essential to drive legally in any country. Having all your documents in order is all the more important when going for a road trip or a long drive because you might be far away from city limits during a random inspection and getting help might be difficult.

Below is list of all important documents which you need in your car all the time: -

  1. Registration certificate — this is proof of proper registration of your vehicle
  2. Licence — this document makes you eligible to drive. Its punishable to drive without this document.

Google home is an AI powered personal home assistant device introduced by Google that comprises conversational as well as tasking and querying capabilities alongside its common use as a good indoor speaker. You can use this to do a plethora of things from playing music to setting up reminders/alarms to planning your day or just carry about a casual chat with your Google Home.

The Google Home is always listening to its environment, but it won’t record what you’re saying or respond to your commands until you say one of its pre-programmed wake words — either “OK, Google” or “Hey…

Safety of our beloved people has always been our primary concern. We, at Zyme, understand this well and know that such situations may arise where you may want to share your live tracking for a particular time period with someone. Alternatively, your car may be driven by your driver and you may want to share its live tracking with a friend/colleague/family member without compromising your login details for sharing your car’s live tracking details for a limited time with others. For the same, we have integrated a “Share Live Tracking” feature on Zyme Pro.

Share Live Tracking feature enables you…

Zyme Pro — Engine Diagnostics

A healthy and well-tuned engine ensures smooth driving and economical maintenance in long term. Whats more is that the engine noise, rumble, heating and other native properties are an equal part of your ride as the interiors of the car. Thus it is imperative that the engine is well maintained and constantly monitored for any faults.

In an era of smart and connected things, your car should also be smart and connected to the digital world. A big part of car care includes monitoring your car’s health and your improving driving behavior constantly. For this specific purpose we have a feature in our application. If you are using Zyme Pro device there is a feature called Past Trips within the application that enables you to analyse your past trips and driving history.

Zyme Pro — Alexa Compatibility

Virtual intelligent assistants have changed the way consumers interact with a variety of devices and the experience of operating them. These AI based technologies enable consumers to perform basic tasks — set reminders, set alarms, play music, stream podcasts, access news and create to-do lists — in multiple languages.

Alexa is an Amazon’s personal assistant that responds to the voice commands of consumers and perform certain tasks. Alexa is currently compatible with connected devices made by both Amazon and third-party manufacturers.We …

Zyme — Car | Meet | Smart

Zyme is a smart car device. When plugged into your car it relays all its information on your smartphone and gets you connected to your car in true sense.

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