Doing what I can with what I have

I run a widely used micro-service called It supports millions of requests a day.

There’s not much I can do as an individual to protest against the travesty that is Trump and the anti-Americans that are currently sitting in the White House. But I can use the tiny little public voice that jsonip provides.

I’ve added additional anti-Trump, pro liberal messages to the payload response. So from now until either Trump is impeached, his term ends, or I need to make other changes to the service like incorporating or offering paid commercial services, those messages will remain.

If you’re in the U.S. support your neighbors who need your help. Contact your congress reps and your senators. Consider donating to the ACLU and Planned Parenthood. Do some of your shopping at local businesses run by immigrants who are under threat of persecution. That money will help them and their families who might still be overseas.

If you are a user of and voted for or otherwise support Trump, you are no longer invited to use my service. Take your hate elsewhere.

The caveat about incorporating or accepting payment for services is to be honest. I may not remove them in that case, but I may have legal reasons to do so that I am not aware of now. That doesn’t change my personal beliefs, but is just how some things evolve when you get into running a business.