First off, thanks to all of you who do endorse me via LinkedIn. I just wanted to throw a Grant Rant out about Skills. It’s always fun to see current and past co-workers give a quick shout out. But is it crazy to ask you to believe me… I know as much about “live performances, and rock n roll” as I do about “advertising and design”. Why is it that day jobs experience out ways our lifetime, night time and weekend experience? I believe this is a linkedin algorithm issue, or some other deal. By not choosing from our skills at random we promote the top skills of our peers over and over again. I promise if some talented home improvement skills were added to a few of you who I know kick it as a handyman all weekend long I would be more then happy to endorse you for “tablesaw” skills.

Anyway, I simply request that those of you who have seen me play in my current and past bands and projects to endorse these skills too. In the meantime I’ll keep working on the reggae too. Thanks for the thumbs up.

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