Words for wordsake

As a Creative Director I have been told that words are critical to communication. However, I have always been a fan of silence and the proverb “A picture is worth a thousand words” may be this is why I studied design. Writing just isn’t really my thing; hell spelling and talking smart are not really either. I love to listen and learn… and I believe they can be just as important. So, this experiment with free writing is exactly that; a chance to listen and learn. To share a voice that I normally keep to myself. It is not exactly planned to be a “grant rant”, but it may turn out to be just that.

Me yelling “ranting”…visual help. (see how upset I can get)

NOTE: I forget what I was ranting about.

The question is now (yup self-diagnosed dyslexic), what would I write about? The Digital Advertising industry? Music? Design? Family? Dogs? Food? It all seems to have plenty of coverage. What about Nothing? My guess is that topic is covered as well! Plus writing about nothing gains nothing and I need to learn something. Oh, I got it … A TOP TEN LIST… fuck that! Oh wait; I take that back I may do that at some point it sounds fun. Top Ten ways to bla, bla, bla. Anyone familiar with me personally understands that I can be loud and random and drift from topic to topic only to return full circle later while others have moved on. Perhaps you have moved on? Perhaps not. Let’s continue…

Part of this experiment is at the request of work, part of this is at the request of myself. A desire to improve as a thoughtful contributor to the content dump that is the internet and without start somewhere; I will never start. Best to not have it an “official blog post” on our FRWD blog, that’s for a future time when I actually have something to say that deserves to be read. By the way, thanks for reading this far. Know that, I have only published one rant (in word form) in that past. I decided to publicly post a response to a Facebook question from a friend as a post in the “grantrants” section of my portfolio site. It’s about my love for Black Sabbath and why. Side note: (my portfolio hasn't been updated for years and I should do so soon)

Shall we continue? I have deep respect for those of you who have stepped up and are writing publicly and sharing your voice with us that like to learn. Thank you! Please keep it up. Now that I am potentially joining the conversation I will do my best to be vaguely informative, mildly entertaining, somewhat knowledgeable. I won’t promise to inspire, I won’t promise to educate… so why that hell would you ever follow me? In fact I am more likely to just use this as yet another platform to tell you about my upcoming gigs with my multiple bands and see if I can get you to follow my bands on FB. I am good at shameless plugs FOR ME. Have you noticed yet how self-deprecating, hesitant, fearful and selfish I can be? Good, get used to it. I am very good at these voices. I am pretty sure this is why when asked to present publicly I tend to build my own decks; so I can own the story with lots of Visual help. I love to just talk openly and informal. Improv a bit. Sit down and keep it casual. YES, this is against good advice from smart people. The risk of it going well or horribly wrong doesn't concern me as long as it’s entertaining and memorable. Nope, I wouldn't claim to be business smart either. In fact, part of me is worried that this “test and learn, small move” may go horribly wrong and get my fired. Most visual Creative Directors I know just start an instagram account and experiment with interesting ways to make images or designs. They are talented and smart people. I however, like the edge of living stupidly and doing things that are risky.

That said, what am I risking? I haven't said anything? May be I hinted that the world doesn't need another voice… What The World Needs Now Is A New Kind Of Tension. — Cracker // May be that is the intent. Tension, who is with me? Who is against me? Who is who? Hell, who the hell am I and who the fuck are you to say?

Ok, now I am just having way too much fun and this is starting to sound like a “grantrant” about nothing. Remember, I warned you at the top of this read. I am very honored that you have visited my first post and that you have made it to the end. Please share or comment below so I can actually learn something about you or about me. I hope to share with you again soon.

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