The Top 3 Corporate Event Invitation Emails

If you compare the top 10, most catchy event invitation emails in your inbox, you’ll definitely discover that they have much in common. In this post, we break down the anatomy of a successful, highly converting invitation email to to help you become a better email maker.

Let’s start with the key structural elements:

A good subject line

We’ve all been there: sending an email to spam without opening it. If you fail to pick the right subject line for your email, it’s extremely hard to pull a recipient into reading the message. A successful subject line is one that intrigues, identifies the purpose of sending the email, and develops a sense of urgency — all of that only in 70 characters.

Opening and closing

If you want to create a super concise message, there are at least two places you can shine. The opening and closing are ideal spots for personal notes to make your email invite sound more friendly. Let’s agree, the line “Please come to relax, socialize and lunch with us,” in the message below makes the message sound warm.


For some events, it’s necessary to ensure participants come prepared. Start a message by listing the key requirements concerning the attendees’ preparation to skip awkward moments at the event.


A successful email invitation can’t be served without an explanation of the event’s purpose. Think in terms of the goals a corporate meeting is to accomplish and transform them into strong, positive reasons. It’s critical to emphasize the value offer for attendees by making it clear how an event will improve their skill sets, expertise, and knowledge.

Time, date, location & duration

Online or inhouse, mentioning date & location details is crucial. In your email invite, put a strong emphasis on the venue address, include parking information, and make sure the time indicated in an email complies with the time zones your registrants live in. If you invite people for a webinar, ensure you incorporate relevant links and login information.


To understand how many guests you should expect, request an RSVP. Locate a clear RSVP button at the end of your email invitation using contrastive colors to separate it from the email body.

Based on your event format, the target audience, and your strategy, you can add extra information like an agenda or a list of speakers. Please don’t overdo it; no one reads an essay to get registered for an event.

Remember, your email invite is a holistic unity the elements of which complement each other building a strongly persuasive message. If one thing is missing, you can end up with something like this:

3 examples of an excellent corporate email invite

Corporate birthday celebration

What’s good?

The design. Glitter and gold along with “dancing” fonts make a perfect fit for a party invite design.

A catchy headline. The “surprise” part of this email makes you want to be part of the show.

Meeting details. The time and address details are clearly emphasized which ensures you’ll arrive on time.

Event management meeting for Goverment and Enterprise

What’s good?

  • White space. It’s proven that white space helps the human mind interpret information better. This email definitely gets you to concentrate.
  • Vivid CTA. The “Register Now” button is clearly separated from the body of the message. Your eye can’t miss it.

Typecast online webinar

What’s good?

  • Vivid CTA. A clear, concise and well-positioned CTA makes you want to click.
  • Value promise. The “You’ll learn” section gives you the perfect understanding of how this event can improve your skill set.


A strong event invitation is one created based on a juicy idea and implemented with the use of automated tools. GEVME Email Marketing can help you take corporate event attendance sky high through personalization and automated blasting tools.



Great Events Made Easy (GEVME) is the cloud-based solution for all your event marketing and management needs. Visit our website:

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Great Events Made Easy (GEVME) is the cloud-based solution for all your event marketing and management needs. Visit our website: