Knative monitoring with Grafana, Zipkin, Weavescope & other plugins..
Vidyasagar Machupalli

With regards to the problem with Kibana and Elasticsearch:

There is a bug in recent versions of KNative which has been documented in this issue
There is already an approved but not yet merged PR about it you can see here

In short, the problem is that `fluentd` pods use `system-node-critical` priority class which is no longer supported outside of `kube-system` namespace.

As a result `fluentd` pods do not get created and therefore do not send any logs to Elasticsearch and consequently no `logstash` indexes show-up in Kibana.

As a work around for KNative v0.2.2, you can download and delete line `1909` from the release file here:

You can then install the patched version: 
`kubectl apply -f release.yaml`

If you don’t want to download and edit you can get an already patched version of release 0.2.2 here which you can install with:

`kubectl apply -f`

You can do something similar for previous versions of course.