Commonsense Canadians: Help Us President Trump, You’re Our Only Hope.

We exist. Your neighbours to the north suffocating under the reign of Prime Minister Trudeau, under a newly revised gender-neutral national anthem and hate speech laws that could land us in prison if we criticize ISIS or misgender someone.

We exist mostly under anonymous profiles on the internet, quietly seething as our family members soak in CNN or our liberal government-sponsored propaganda outlet, CBC news.

We had our MAGA hats specially made during the election, but quickly stuffed them in our closets because we were reprimanded by our co-workers, yelled at by passers-by at the mall and by soccer moms while picking our kids up at school.

We are Trump Loyalists.

Canada is a different beast. We have no Fox News here. We have no First Amendment or Second Amendment. Our so called ‘Conservatives’ are, many times, indistinguishable from our Liberals. We just elected a PM because he was good-looking and promised to legalized weed.

True Conservatives in Canada walk around in a daze, distracting ourselves with Sidney Crosby and Tim Hortons, shoving our political hopes and dreams into the tiny recesses of our minds.

We’ve been watching our country, and the rest of the western world, fall further into the depths of insane leftism and globalization in quiet desperation. So, when Trump appeared on the political scene in 2016, it was the first time, in a long time, we experienced hope.

Oh glorious Trump:

The Wall.

Illegal Immigration.

Radical Islamic Terrorism.

America First.

Merry Christmas.

He was like a near-mythical creature bucking political correctness and speaking actual common sense in a political climate that had long been dry, disappointing and insufferable. He was like oxygen. He had us hooked and made us feel alive.

We joined twitter just to follow him. We glued ourselves to the TV for every press conference, every debate. His campaign transcended borders. He was OUR candidate, too. And when he won, there were parties — lots of beer, food, cheering, and yes, maybe even a few tears.

Trump is more than the Commander-in-Chief of the United States. He is more than the 45th President. He is a freedom fighter for all western nations and peoples under the siege of destructive globalism and the authoritarian left.

You can’t be selfish, America. Trump is not just yours. He’s ours, too. We want him. We need him. He’s our only hope.