White Supremacy is White America’s Legacy and Our Responsibility to Defeat
Jack Daly

Show me one law on the books that discriminates inherently against people of color. WHITE AMERICA fought to end slavery. They, along with WHITE Britons were the first in the entire world to end slavery. And since then, every white majority nation has bent over backwards to accommodate people of color. Native Americans get insane privileges. Other people of color get affirmative action and diversity quotas where they get precident over white people BECAUSE of their skin color, even if a white person is equally or more deserving. People of color get to have their own caucuses and organizations to advocate for their rights and self-interest, while white people (a global minority) are not allowed to advocate for our self-interests or we’re deemed ‘racist’. Mainstream media highlights ever single case of a cop shooting a black person, while ignoring the plethora of white children shot by police (which are far more). Mainstream media highlights cases of racism committed by any white person, but ignores BLM members shooting white cops.Ignores black people kidnapping and torturing a white disabled kid, white people being beaten by Antifa and BLM for being ‘racist’ white Trump supporters. MTV, Salon and other leftist rags rave on constantly about whites being inherently privileged and racist.They even teach university courses on this. University professors and activist publically call for white genocide and don’t get platformed off of social media or even fired. And it’s all anti-white racism. We have a systematic racism in the US alright, and it’s against white people. not black.

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