How we created the best conversational UI ever

Dec 20, 2018 · 4 min read
Conversational UIs are everywhere: Alexa is now also available on your wall!

Problem 1: context

A conversational UI that forgets its context feels very ‘stupid’. When chatbots go wrong

Problem 2: it’s all text

Typing text is not the only way you can interact with a chatbot… By Isil Uzum

Problem 3: forgetting about the whole picture

in ‘old’ movies chat really took you out of the viewing experience
integrated with the viewing experience

Design experiment

We immediately knew we were on to something…

Our chat avatar interacts with the site when you scroll through the page, instead of staying in the bottom-right corner. It already feels alive and more fun to use, no?
We personalize the content on our website using the answers people give in our chat
Instead of answering a question using text, we navigate to, and highlight the content a user asked for

Some exit-thoughts

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