5150: Love(r)’s Labour’s Cost

How did things get this desperate?

If only I’d had some paper…

The doctors pushed for a 72-hour involuntary hold

The Land of MSNBC

Showering terrifies me, moving scares me, I’m not functional. was depakote the right drug? I need a hug, I need to see friends/lovers…desperately.

Some sad art

I am a shell of myself. I am broken without comfort from those that love me. Am I really bipolar? Will I come out more broken?

Release is going to be…hard. Some friends may blame themselves…asking if they could’ve done more. None of it was their fault. I was without hope and wanted to die. I’ll do therapy and I feel a bit more hope. I love my partners and friends. I have projects I want to finish, too.

I don’t feel super safe here

A Hopeless Place

Please let me out tomorrow. I am terrified here. Even moreso now. Please help me, Please hold me. Screaming and banging is super hard for me.

I hate this. Can I go home? Please? Can someone hold me?

This is the last night…I get out tomorrow. at 11am. I am gonna sleep well tonight. Seemed during visitation I missed a fight…which I am grateful for.

You’re all pretty shapes.



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