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For a long time there were no announcements from our team and there were several reasons for this:
1. There was a change of development teams.
2. We worked on restoring the user database after hacking the platform.
3. Several meetings were held with potential investors in the project.

At the moment, we can report several good news at once:
1. The work of the platform https://gexan.online is fully restored.
2. User balances are again available for input / output of coins. Drawings are underway, the minimum prize pool is filled. All major functions work stably.
3. Fixed the main errors and inconveniences of UX, which caused the most problems to our players:
- installed captcha during registration to protect against bots
- highlighted matching numbers in winning tickets
- minimum rewards for 3 and 4 matches have been made. Now it’s 20 and 200 gex — guaranteed minimum rewards.
- on the draw archive tab, the entire history of the draws has been added, now you can find the hash of the bitcoin block and check the correctness of the payments. …

Good afternoon friends.

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The Holidays are ending and it’s time to return to work. We are confident that this year will bring all of you a lot of luck, self-development and money of course.
We found a new development team which will begin work on recover our gaming platform https://gexan.online/ from January 8th.
First, we will restore all user balances and the full performance of the platform. Then, work will begin to improve the functions that caused complaints and inconveniences of users. …

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For a long time there were no announcements, so it’s time to clarify what we do now. We are reviewing our economic model and changing developers. What was done, was done poorly and uncompetitively. We want the best. We will change the concept. And most likely we will do a coin swap. We do not need mining in such quantities. It kills the price and does not bring any benefit to the project. We will implement the multilevel marketing and referral system of ticket distribution. It will allow to earn GEX for everyone. And we will make many new functions to the existing lottery games. We ask you to be patient and wait a little longer. We will announce specific results and agreements. We continue to work, even if this is not visible. Thank you for staying in touch.

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