After 1 round of IEO we will do…(May 10–13) — F.A.Q.

Our team decided to do a little F.A.Q, because a lot of people ask us the same things.

F.A.Q about IEO on p2pb2b exchange
At present time, the principal task is to solve the issue of the wallet synchronization. Luxcore together with ours developers seems to have found a solution. So, we hope that the problem will be finally solved tomorrow. In this case, we officially open the start of our lottery. The Smart Contract is completely ready and has been already operated. You can play and try your luck. The contract will be filled with GEX coins.

Read please our article about stages on exchange:

If we don’t collect a software cap in amount of 13.45 Bitcoins, we’ll return the funds. In the case of success, we plan to enter another exchange — a larger one — and now we are in negotiates with,, bit-z, coinbene, bitforex and kucoin. But everything will depend on the first stage, on how it will pass. If we feel the support of the idea from the community and investors and the round is quickly completed — this will give a huge advantage in the dialogue with the major exchanges. If there is no agreement with the second exchange, we will send the coins intended for sale (600,000 GEXs) to the lottery jackpots.

Since May 10, our plans are as follows:
 1. Partnership with Evos: they develop a bot with an advanced referral system. The main focus of our distribution strategy will be on invites and rewards for active participation in lotteries. This will be subject to only the discord server.

2. Partnership with the largest shared services (Gentarium, Midas and Trittium) for the development of discord server, attracting their community to an invite campaign.

3. Start a complete redesign of the gaming version of the site. Creating a full personal account + a web wallet.

4. Active promotion of the opinion leaders through YouTube. This channel has shown good relevance.

5. Guerrilla marketing, crypto chats in telegrams, forums in BTT and comments on targeted articles show excellent results as well.

6. We will change the direction from Europe and Russia to the Asian region, as there are a lot of requests from there, and we see great interest namely from Asian countries. These are the principal things we will do between May 10 and 24. 
7. We cannot promise access to a larger stock exchange here, but we will work in this direction.

We hope we answered some of the questions.

Gexan team.