IEO sales report
May 22 · 1 min read

Total available: 305 000 GEX | Total purchased: 173 455 GEX 1st round: 73 455 GEX | 2nd round: 100 000 GEX Purchases with: 1. 5000 GEX amount (5000+): 25 2. More than 1000 GEX (1000–4999) amount: 14 3. Less than 1000 GEX (100–999) amount: 236 Total BTC amount received by Gexan project after IEO: 17.956 We consider this result as positive.

In fact, current BTC grow was a huge strike for altcoin markets and especially for new projects crowdfunding events.

Direct sale still available till 25.05!

Till 25.05 may all who purchase GEX coins at will receive it to their wallets. If you need a help with masternode installation — just PM any of Gexan team and we will connect you with Technical support. Next steps of Gexan project will be announced shortly.

Gexan | More than just a lotto

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Blockchain lottery with masternodes.